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Concrete Stabilizer ALPHALITH® F2 (ST)

High performance liquid stabilizer for concrete to reduce bleeding and sedimentation.

Stabilizers have a positive effect on the sedimentation behavior of concrete.

Bleeding of concrete is the separation of water from a ready-mixed, poured, compacted concrete.

This phenomenon is caused by separation of the concrete and occurs during and after processing.

Bleeding of the concrete lasts until the setting or hardening process begins. Various factors, such as mixtures with a low cement content, excessive water content or an overdose of superplasticizer can have an effect on bleeding.

The use of mixtures with low fines content is yet another reason for concrete bleeding. In this case, stabilizers have a positive effect on the quality of the concrete and reduce water separation on the surface.

We would be happy to advise you on how you can use a stabilizer and check if it will work for your individual application.

ALPHALITH® F2 (ST) is used in the production of self-compacting concrete (SCC), flow concrete, exposed concrete and pumping concrete.

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    Concrete Stabilizer EN 934-2, T. 4

    Stabilisierer Bluten von Frischbeton auf Baustelle

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    ALPHALITH® F 2 ST is an effective stabilizing admixture for mortar and concrete, especially effective in the production of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) in conjunction with high-performance superplasticizers, like PCEs e.g.

    The use of ALPHALITH® F 2 ST results in a homogenous concrete mix with minimized segregation and bleeding. With suitable SCC mixes in conjunction with high-end superplasticizer ALPHALITH® Hyperflow type, ALPHALITH® F 2 ST gives a readily-flowing concrete with a good cohesiveness.

    The concrete shows a proper air-detrainment and a uniform surface finish.


    • minimized segregation
    • reduced bleeding
    • improved homogeniety
    • improved cohesion
    • less variation in concrete consistency due to waterbinding capacity
    • improved, more uniform surface finish

    Fields of Application:

    • self-compacting-concrete (SCC)
    • precat elements with improved surface finish
    • pumped concrete
    • anti-washout admix for underwater concrete
    • concrete with lack of fines/powder
    ALPHALITH Viscoton® K

    ALPHALITH® Viscoton® K is a high quality viscosity modifier for cement-based products. ALPHALITH Viscoton® K results in very stable and homogeneous mixtures with high flowability, especially with high-performance concrete such as self-compacting concrete (SVB) in conjunction with high-performance superplasticizers (e.g. alphalith Hyperflow series).


    • bleeding and demixing is effectively prevented
    • improved homogeneity
    • higher sedimentation stability (robustness) of SCC
    • improved fair-faced concrete quality
    • more even grain distribution on shot-blasted

    Fields of Application:

    • concrete that tends to bleed and segregate
    • self-compacting concrete (SCC)
    • exposed concrete
    • blasted special parts

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    We are happy to advice you

    We are happy to advise you

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