Concrete retarder (VZ) EN 934.-2, T8

For use on long transport routes, at high temperatures and for large concreting sections.

Concrete retardants increase the processing time of the concrete. A retarder should be added to the concrete if long transport routes have to be bridged.
The concrete admixture is also often used when processing bulky concrete parts. Massive components include concrete parts with a minimum dimension that is equal to or greater than 0.80 m.

In addition, a concrete retarder optimizes working time at high outside temperatures. Temperature peaks and temperature stresses are reduced during the hardening process.

Concrete retarders slow down hydration of the concrete. In this chemical reaction, hardening of the concrete is actively prolonged by adding a concrete retarder. The areas of application for concrete retarders are diverse. We would be happy to help you select the right product.

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    Concrete retarder (VZ) EN 934-2, T8




    ALPHALITH® Concrete Retarder 1 VZ is a liquid, concentrated retarder based on selected inorganic active ingredients. ALPHALITH® Concrete Retarder 1 VZ provides a good reproducability of retardation under given conditions.


    • retardation of set and hardening
    • retardation of up to about 24 hours
    • good reproducability of retardation times with a given mix
    • increased final strength
    • reduced temperature peaks of heat of hydration
    • reduced tendency towards cracking

    Field of Application:

    • ready-mix-concrete bridging over long transport ways from the batching plant to building site
    • pumped concrete
    • avoiding workability loss in long distance pumping
    • jointless production of large-size structural parts
    • avoidance of cracking in large-size concrete parts by reduction of heat of hydration

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