One Family, five decades of company history, 1000 ideas for the future.


Innovation is the result of intensive research and development.

A strong team

Approximately 40 employees contribute to the success of Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH every single day.


Our experienced and motivated team develops individual solutions for you.


We are proud to present the extensive services of Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH as our flagship. Our customers can always rely on our know-how and our experience. Intensive research and development and our innovations resulting from that build our core competencies. In addition, our unique product range ensures that our customers always have the right products for their area of application. And if we cannot find the right solution straight away, we see it as an opportunity for further development activities. In the end, as a medium-sized family business, we have the flexibility needed to do just that.

Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH

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