Common values, a common course.

We always adhere to our principle values to never lose sight of our goals.


Honesty is the highest interpersonal good of our society. At Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH, honesty applies to communication with all relevant parties, irrespective of their relationship with our company.


Fairness is very important to us. It begins with fair pay for a job well done and ranges from gender equality to consistently top-quality products at fair prices. 


Respectful mutual relationships are crucial to us. We value mutual respect between each individual and at any level of relations. 


Reliability is an important part of top-quality work for us. Our employees, our customers and our suppliers can always rely on us.


We prefer to rely on long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers, rather than short-term connections. Our employees feel comfortable with us, which is reflected in extremely low staff turnover. We guarantee constant progress through continuous product optimization and constant research and development.


Above all, the consistently excellent quality of our products enables us to maintain the cornerstones of our philosophy.


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Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH

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