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Offering a fast available and competent service has always been a decisive point of Rhein-Chemotechnik's policy. With its extensive service Rhein-Chemotechnik presents all customers a real additional benefit. This benefit results in maximum safety, quality and efficiency by using products of Rhein-Chemotechnik.

Being a customer of Rhein-Chemotechnik you can rely on these services:

Service of application and concrete technology

The trained and experienced concrete engineers and representatives of Rhein-Chemotechnik support you by choosing the right product for a particular purpose and the realization of an aptitude test in a laboratory or at works. Furthermore the Rhein-Chemotechnik staff is the best partner and consultant for you in solving company specific technical questions.

Logo Baustoffprüfinstitute (VMPA)

Rhein-Chemotechnik's institutes for testing construction materials (Baustoffprüfinstitute-VMPA) of Rhein-Chemotechnik at Breitscheid/Ww. and Schleiz/Th. offer support regarding quality ratings of raw materials or optimizing mix-designs and even up to a complete quality control of products or the adjustment to standards (Euro-Standards) and new technologies (e.g. high strength concrete, self-compacting concrete – SCC).

quality control

Practical Coating Centre

In our practical coating centre we offer you the possibility to perform preliminary trials with different coating systems and application technologies (spraying, roller coating) with your own concrete products (paving stones, paving slabs) in order to decide for best product selection and to determine process parameters for subsequent, purposeful implementation in the plant. 

Before implementation of the coating system in the plant we support you with conducting of necessary conformity tests, e.g. capillary and atmospheric water absorption, adhesive tensile strength, easy-to-clean properties, durability (weather resistance), skid resistance etc. 

Technical service

Thanks to the development and production of modern, automatic admixture-dispenser Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH is able to realize standard- and individual solutions quick and efficiently. Volumetric dispensers as well as one- and multichamber scales are available for providing an economical dosage of all liquid admixtures. For bulk storage of admixtures Rhein-Chemotechnik plans and realizes adequade storage facilities meeting the individual demand of each customer.

Admixture Scale DOSITRONIC EK4-10P

Delivery service

Centralized dispatching of Rhein-Chemotechnik with modern logistic solutions and different types of own trucks, such as road tankers and rigid trucks (with platform and trailers) allow an on-time and reliable arrival of Rhein-Chemotechnik products at the customer.

Respecting the environmental needs Rhein-Chemotechnik has optimized its delivery service according to new environment standards.

Delivery service