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Concrete Stabilizer

Alphalith Stabilizer F1 (ST)

Liquid stabilizer for reduced segregation and bleeding, esp. for self-compacting concrete (SCC) of stabilizer-type, concrete with lack of fines and concrete with high-quality surface finish.

Increases water-binding capacity of concrete, considerably reduces segregation and bleeding, significantly improves homogeneity and stability of concrete mix, gives self-compacting concrete reduced sensitivity to variation in water content.

Stabilizer acc. to EN 934-2, T. 4

Alphalith Stabilizer F2 (ST)

Liquid stabilizer for control of segregation and sedimentation of high slump concrete and Self Compacting Concrete (SCC).

Significantly increases homogenity of high slump concrete and Self Compacting Concrete (SCC), avoids sedimentation of fines and segregation of aggregates, facilitates Self Compacting Concrete of high stability and excellent flowability.

Stabilisierer EN 934-2, T. 4

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