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About us

Modern concrete construction can no longer do without innovative concrete admixtures – on the contrary, they set the tone of technical progress.

Since its foundation in 1965 Rhein-Chemotechnik has been among the pioneers and was the first to develop efficient admixtures for the booming European concrete products industry:

PLASTOLITH and Alphalith products have set the standard.

Today Rhein-Chemotechnik, as an independent, middle-sized family business, is focussed on the development of innovative concrete admixtures for almost all kinds of concrete use.   

New, innovative surface protection products for high quality concrete pavers and slabs and effective concrete release agents for the concrete precast industry complete the business activities of Rhein-Chemotechnik.

The quality of our products and service is given our top priority. Securing and managing the quality is thus an important part of the company policy. Quality targets and derived quality management activities are written down in our quality management manual and cover all essential aspects which are in particular important from the sight of our customers. To meet our high quality demands we implemented quality activities in any operational stages of goods and services, e.g. such as Marketing, Purchasing Department, Research and Development, Production, Quality-Control, Packaging, Storage, Sales and Technical Support.

We are proud to say that due to the approved quality of our products and the extensive and proficient service we have been a leading and reliable partner of the European concrete industry, successfully operating in many countries world-wide for almost five decades.

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